6kw Dual axis solar tracker dual axis controller for pv solar panel tracker solaire

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Place of OriginChina
Brand NameHuaYue
Model Number6.5kw-20p
Snow Load0.8-2.2KN/
Wind Load27~37m/s
Module number(unit)20
Output Frequency50/60Hz

Dual axis solar tracking system solar tracker sun tracking axis pv system

The control unit adopts tilt Angle sensor feedback + closed-loop control system, which has higher tracking accuracy and higher reliability.
Power generation can be increased by about 35-50% compared with the fixed type;
The bracket is compatible with all the market panel specifications, better design versatility;
With wireless group control function, cost is more economical;
With strong wind protection and automatic snow removal function, the system is more safe and stable;
Rain water cleaning mode, intelligent control, independent use of rain water cleaning components, reduce the operation and maintenance costs;
With no shadow tracking function, greatly extend the light time, improve the system power generation;
The operating power of the system is small, and the system's daily self-consumption is less than 1.5kwh.
Strong terrain adaptability, slope, hill, mountain can be installed;
Software and hardware support lifelong upgrade service, so that your products always apply the latest generation of technology;
Controller Type Closed loop time control Azimuth tranking Range -120°~ +120°
Material Hot Galvanizing Mechanical design Life >25 years
Driving Power 300W Communication Methods LoRa wireless communication or RS485
Scope of rack 35㎡ Power supply Modes Self-Powered or External Power Source
Weight ≈720KG Working Temperature Normal-30℃~+70℃ Customizable -50℃~+85℃
Tracking Accuracy ≤1° Actuating Device Rotary drive/Linear drive
High angular Tranking 0°~60° Authentication CE,ISO9001

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